Kadha Recipe for Throat Infection, Cold & Cough

We all need a little boost to our immunity and metabolism. That’s where Kadha, a traditional Indian Ayurvedic drink, comes in. It’s made with simple, everyday ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. Not only does Kadha help build immunity, but it also acts as a natural remedy for coughs and colds

What is Kadha?

Kadha, also known as an immunity drink, is a herbal decoction made with ingredients like ginger, cinnamon and basil.. This traditional Ayurvedic remedy is believed to boost immunity and promote overall wellness.

Kadha is a powerhouse drink that has been popular in India for generations. In fact, it’s been a family tradition in my household. Every family has their own version of Kadha, and today I’m sharing my family recipe with you.

What are the benefits of Immunity Drink Kadha?

Kadha is packed with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. In these uncertain times, the benefits of Kadha are even more valuable. Here’s why:

Boosts immune system

Kadha is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins that help strengthen your immune system.

Detoxifies the body

The combination of turmeric, ginger, and black pepper in Kadha works wonders for detoxifying the body by eliminating toxins.

Soothes respiratory ailments

Ingredients like tulsi leaves and lemongrass in Kadha are known remedies for respiratory symptoms, including coughs and colds.

Improves digestive health

Kadha aids digestion by reducing gas, improving blood flow in the digestive tract, and eliminating free radicals that cause stomach upset and indigestion.

Aids weight loss

The natural ingredients in Kadha can help boost metabolism and aid in fat burning.

Immunity drink kadha in a transparent glass cup and shows a golden color and some spices in little glass bowls all around in a wooden background.

Ingredients For Kadha Recipe


Besides being a fantastic remedy for colds and flu, ginger also benefits the heart, reduces inflammation, and enhances natural immunity against viruses and bacteria.


Black pepper not only adds flavor but also promotes respiratory health and detoxifies the body.


High in minerals and vitamins, cloves contribute to boosting overall immunity.


Known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, cinnamon is a powerful ingredient in Kadha.

Holy Basil Leaves

Also known as Tulsi is a natural remedy for sore throats and helps improve cardiovascular health. It’s a well-known immune booster. Regular basil found in the US is a great substitute.

Honey or Jaggery

Sweeten your Kadha with honey (touted to have trace amounts of vitamins and minerals), along with plant compounds that promote health. Jaggery is palm sugar found in Indian grocery stores or online.


Adjust the water quantity as per your requirement

Instructions for Preparing Immunity Drink Kadha

Grind the ingredients

Grind all the ingredients mentioned above (except water and honey) into a paste using a mortar and pestle.

Boil the Paste

Take a vessel and add water along with the paste. Let it boil.

Simmer the mixture

Reduce the heat and let the mixture simmer for around 10 minutes until the water reduces to half, approximately 1 cup.

Add honey or jaggery

Stir in the honey or jaggery and heat the mixture for another minute.

Strain the Kadha

Strain the Kadha using a strainer to remove any residue of the ingredients.

Tips for Preparing Immunity Drink Kadha

Enhance the Flavor

You can add some mint, turmeric, or cardamom to your Kadha for added health benefits.

Overnight soaking

Soak the Kadha ingredients overnight and store them in the fridge. This will facilitate the release and absorption of the beneficial compounds.

Add lemon juice

Consider adding a splash of lemon juice to your Kadha for a refreshing twist.

Children-friendly Kadha

If you’re serving Kadha to children, avoid using a strong blend as it may cause body heat to rise as the spices are warming.

Other healthful drinks you may enjoy are Lemon Detox Drink and Refreshing Hibiscus Tea.

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immunity drink kadha

Kadha tea recipe

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Kadha also known as an immunity drink, with ingredients like ginger, cinnamon, and basil is a traditional Ayurvedic remedy that is believed to boost immunity and promote overall wellness.


  • 1 inch ginger sliced
  • 7 to 8 peppercorns
  • 5 to 6 cloves
  • 1/2 inch cinnamon
  • 1 tsp honey or palm sugar (jaggery)
  • 5 to 6 Tulsi leaves/Basil leaves
  • 2 cups Water


  1. In a mortar and pestle, grind all the ingredients (except water and honey/jaggery) into a paste.
  2. Pour water into a pot and add the paste.
  3. Bring the mixture to a boil, then reduce the flame.
  4. Let it simmer for 10 minutes until the quantity of water is reduced to half, approximately 1 cup.
  5. Add honey or jaggery and stir. 
  6. Strain the mixture using a strainer.
  7. Drink to your good health!


You can increase the quantity of ingredients and make 3 to 4 cups of Kadha. Store it in the refrigerator and heat it up whenever you want to drink it.

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