Easy Aloo Gobi Recipe Authentic Indian Cauliflower Potato Curry

Meet your new go-to dish: Aloo Gobi, a flavorsome blend of potatoes (aloo) and cauliflower (gobi), embroiled in cultural spices and the warmth of an Indian kitchen.

This recipe is flavorful, soothing, vegan, and simply the finest aloo gobi you’ve ever had!

What is Aloo Gobi

Aloo Gobi is a celebrated Indian dish, tinted with a rich mix of spiced potatoes and cauliflower served with a plate of rice, or as a companion to flatbread.

“Aloo” means potatoes and “gobi” means cauliflower in Hindi.

Today, we will explore my personal favorite recipe for this dish, which incorporates onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, and an array of spices to pack a punch of exceptional taste.

An Aloo Gobi recipe for Everyone

In India, personal and cultural dietary habits mean some people abstain from consuming onions and garlic.

Coincidentally, the growing popularity of the low FODMAP diet means that more and more people worldwide are limiting onions and garlic for their sensitivities.

For them, a separate version of the same recipe can be derived omitting onions and garlic, creating a dish that’s easy on the stomach, satisfyingly healthy, gluten-free, and fittingly vegan. Namely, Adraki Gobi.

Ingredients For Aloo Gobi

Ingredients For Aloo Gobi

Cauliflower and Potatoes

The stars of our dish. The cauliflower can also be replaced with broccoli.


For that authentic Indian flavor, ripe tomatoes, succulent onion, ginger paste, and heat-packing green chilies.


A combination of garam masala, coriander, and turmeric powder, coupled with whole spices, including cumin seeds, cinnamon, and bay leaves for that intense flavor.

Optional Ghee

1. In India, it’s not uncommon to add a touch of ghee, but this is totally optional.

2. For my vegan friends, vegan butter or any plant-based alternative works just as well.

How to Cook Alo Goobi Recipe

Fry the Stars

Shallow fry the cauliflower and potatoes until well roasted. Keep aside.

Make the Paste

Blend onion, tomatoes, and ginger into a seamless paste.

Heat the Spices

In the same pan, add some oil and throw in the whole spices, let them crackle, and follow up with the paste. Stir and cook on medium-low.

How to Cook Alo Goobi Recipe

Add the Powders

Pour in the spice powders, cook until the raw smell wanes off.


Mix the fried potatoes and cauliflower with sauteed spices.

How to Cook Alo Goobi Recipe

The Final Stretch

Add water, cook coverd on low for 10 minutes, cap it with a sprinkle of garam masala, garnish with coriander leaves, and voila, serve your Aloo Gobi alongside rice or flatbread.


Cooking of Alo Goobi Recipe

Tips for The Perfect Aloo Gobi

Kasuri Methi (dried fenugreek leaves: If you’re looking for that restaurant flavor, sprinkle some Kasuri methi before adding the potatoes and cauliflower pieces.

To ensure the perfect texture, keep a close eye on the cauliflower while it cooks on low heat with the lid on. It’s important to prevent it from becoming mushy. Aim to achieve a slightly firm texture for the cauliflower pieces, while also ensuring they are cooked through. Pay equal attention to the potatoes, ensuring that they are properly cooked as well.

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Classic Aloo Gobi Recipe

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  • Author: Mish
  • Total Time: 30 mins
  • Yield: 2 1x


Aloo Gobi, the quintessential Indian curry, is a comforting and gluten-free dish that combines cauliflower and potato in a carefully crafted blend of spices. Its simplicity and flavorful taste make it a delightful choice


  • 1 cauliflower/gobi – medium size cut into medium florets
  • 2 potatoes – medium, peeled and cut into cubes
  • 1 onion – small, roughly chopped
  • 3 tomato – medium, roughly chopped
  • 1 tablespoon ginger paste
  • 2 green chili – slit lengthwise (optional)
  • ½ cup fresh coriander leaves – finely chopped
  • 1 teaspoon cumin/Jeera seeds- whole
  • 1-inch piece Cinnamon -whole
  • 2 bay leaves- dried or fresh
  • 1 tablespoon coriander/Dhania powder
  • 1 teaspoon cumin/Jeera powder
  • 1 teaspoon turmeric/Haldi powder
  • 1 teaspoon red chili powder- use the Kashmiri red chili powder for less heat and a vibrant color
  • 1 teaspoon Garam Masala powder- any brand
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup water
  • 3 tablespoons cooking oil, Additional oil is needed to shallow fry the cauliflower and potatoes.


  1. Heat oil in a wide pan or kadai (wok), and shallow fry the cauliflower and potatoes. Potatoes will be golden and cauliflower will be browned somewhat evenly. After they are fried, keep them aside.
  2. Next, blend the onion, tomatoes, ginger into a smooth paste.
  3. Now in the same pan add 3 tablespoons oil and heat it.
  4. When the oil is hot, add the cinnamon stick, cumin seeds, green chilies and bay leaves. Let the cumin seeds crackle.
  5. Now add the tomato-onion paste.
  6. Stir and cook for 2 minutes on medium heat and then add salt, coriander powder, cumin powder, turmeric powder and saute the spice mixture (masala) for 3 to 4 minutes till the masala darkens and the raw smell goes away.
  7. Now add the fried cauliflower and potatoes. Mix the cauliflower and potatoes very well with the masala. Cover and let it cook ( without water) for 2 minutes. Keep an eye so the masala doesn’t burn.
  8. Now add 1 cup water, give it a good stir and cover and cook on low for at least 5 minutes.
  9. If you want a little more curry in your dish you can add a little more water at this stage and give it a good boil. If you want it dry then no need to add any more water.
  10. Once the cauliflower is cooked yet firm and the potatoes are done,  sprinkle garam masala and mix well.
  11. Serve garnished with fresh coriander leaves.
  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Cook Time: 25 mins
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