Refreshing Aam Panna Made with Tangy Green Mangoes

Aam Panna, a heavenly concoction made with raw mangoes, will have your taste buds dancing and your guests raving with delight! Plus, it’s a breeze to whip up. Now, it does have sugar in it, but hey, we all deserve a little treat now and then, don’t we? So take a break from the ordinary, pour yourself a glass of this invigorating cooler, and immerse yourself in the sweet magic of summer!

What is Aam Panna?

Hey there, friends! I have the perfect refreshing solution to combat the summer heat and keep you well-hydrated: Aam Panna! Here “Aam” stands for mango while “Panna” connotes a tangy drink. In my birthplace, Bengal, it’s known as Aam Pora Shorbot or burnt mango beverage. While this particular recipe recommends boiling the mango, it’s not uncommon, especially in Bengal, for people to roast the mango, blessing the drink with subtle, smoky undertones.

Picture this: an irresistible concoction of tangy green mangoes combined with an array of delightful Indian spices that’ll leave you wanting more (and more!). The secret ingredients? Black salt and roasted cumin, not only amp up the flavor but also do wonders for your digestion. Trust me on this, folks!

What’s even better is that this delicious raw mango drink is totally vegan and gluten-free. Now, you might have guessed that India being the diverse place it is, variations of Aam Panna recipes can be found in different regions. But don’t you worry! I’m here to share with you one of the simplest, fool-proof methods of making Aam Panna right in the comfort of your own home. I promise, once you try it, you’ll be saying “best summer drink ever” in no time!

Ingredients for Refreshing Aam Panna

Ingredients for Refreshing Aam Panna

Raw Mangoes

When the heat comes around, green mangoes become the must-have star at every Indian grocery store. As you’re browsing the aisles, keep an eye out for unripe green mangoes that are dark green in color and firm to the touch – just like a well-formed handshake. They should also have a nice tartness to them. Steer clear of any mangoes with blemishes or soft spots as they won’t do your Aam Panna justice. Additionally, it’s best to avoid fibrous mangoes, as they can create an undesirable texture in your drink.

For the delectable Aam Panna recipe I’ll be sharing, you’ll need around 250 grams or approximately half a pound of raw mangoes.

Mint leaves

You can easily find mint leaves in your local supermarket. They lend a wonderfully refreshing flavor to the drink. For this recipe, you’ll need around 1/2 cup of these cool, fresh leaves. 


Depending on how sweet you want your Aam Panna, you can modify the amount of sugar. Regular cane sugar or brown sugar both work as does powdered sugar. For a sugar-free alternative, substitute with monk fruit sugar.

Salt or black salt

You can use normal salt but, black salt enhances the flavor.  See Notes below.

Roasted cumin powder

Begin by dry roasting 2 teaspoons of whole cumin seeds and then grind them into a fine powder using a coffee grinder. This powdered spice provides a traditional flavor profile to the drink. If you’re short on time, feel free to use store-bought cumin powder as a quick alternative. Be careful, though, cumin seeds tend to burn rapidly, and you’ll only need about 10-20 seconds to roast them. The resulting scent that wafts through your kitchen is truly enchanting!

How to prepare Aam Panna?

Begin by peeling the mangoes, and then proceed to chop them into smaller pieces. Next, boil the mango pieces in a little water until they become tender and soft.

How to prepare Aam Panna?

While the mangoes are cooking, turn your attention to the cumin seeds. Roast them until they transition to a slightly more intense shade. Once cooled, grind the seeds into a fine powder. Don’t worry if you don’t have a dry grinder at hand – just use a ready-made cumin powder from the store and dry roast it.

After the mangoes have been thoroughly boiled and are fully cooked, allow them to cool down for a bit. Next, place them in a blender, along with the mint leaves, sugar, cumin powder, black salt, and approximately 1.5 cups of water. Blend the mixture together until smooth and well-combined. If the beverage appears overly thick, feel free to add more water to achieve your desired consistency.

How to prepare Aam Panna?

Chill the drink in the refrigerator before serving. Enjoy this refreshingly sweet and tangy drink in the hot summer. 

How to prepare Aam Panna?

What Exactly is Black Salt?

Unearth the enigmatic flavors of Indian cuisine with the extraordinary addition of Indian Black Salt also called Kala Namak which literally means black salt. A volcanic rock salt with an intense aroma and a sulfurous taste, Kala Namak is praised for its unique, umami-rich character that captivates taste buds and elevates dishes to new culinary heights. Attributed to the existence of Greigite, a specific mineral, this salt exhibits a dark brown to a deep purple hue as translucent crystals.

However, when ground to powder, it transforms into a purple or pink shade – contrary to its “black” name in its original form. From trendy dishes like plant-based eggs to traditional recipes like fruit chaats, Indian street food, fruit drinks, smoothies, and pickles, Indian Black Salt brings a pinch of magic into your kitchen and transforms the ordinary into something irresistible. You can buy it in Indian grocery stores or online.

Tips to Prepare Aam Panna

1. To ensure the flavoring is accurate, choose mangoes that are still unripe, boasting a green exterior and a decisively tart interior. The inherent sourness of these mangoes is critical to achieving the intended taste for this drink. 

2. You can cook mangoes using a pressure cooker, a pan, or even an Instant Pot, depending on your preference and the tools you have on hand.

3. While preparing this beverage, don’t worry about including a substantial amount of sugar, as the unripe mango’s sour profile requires it for balance. However, you do have the option to substitute the traditional sugar with monk fruit sugar if desired or necessary.

4. Should you desire a smoother texture for your Aam Panna, feel free to strain the drink before serving. Enjoy your drink!

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Aam Panna Recipe

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  • Author: Mish
  • Total Time: 40 mins
  • Yield: 4 1x


Discover an invigorating elixir crafted from raw mangoes! This delightful beverage, with its sweet-tart symphony, makes the perfect, refreshing potion for those scorching summer days. Unleash summer, in a sip!


  • 250 gm (half pound), raw mangoes
  • 1/2 cup mint leaves
  • 1/2 cup  sugar
  • 2 teaspoons salt or black salt
  • 1 teaspoon roasted cumin powder
  • 2 cups water


  1. Peel the mangoes, cut in pieces and boil till tender.
  2. Take the cumin seeds and dry roast till a bit darker in color and fragrant. Allow it to cool and dry grind it to make a fine powder. You can alternately use store-bought cumin powder and dry roast.
  3. After boiling, cool the mango slightly. Then add to your blender.
  4. Add the mint leaves, sugar, cumin powder, black salt, and water.
  5. Blend everything well. If you need to thin it out more add more water till you get desired consistency.
  6. Chill in the fridge and enjoy!
  • Prep Time: 30 mins
  • Cook Time: 10 mins
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