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Welcome to Eats with Mish, your go-to spot for mouthwatering, easy-to-follow recipes spiced with the flavors of India! Dive into a world where wholesome ingredients team up in few, easy steps to create incredible Indian dishes. It’s time to discover that scrumptious Indian cooking can be both simple and fun! Get excited – let’s begin this flavorful adventure together.

Taking a Look Back

Growing up in Kolkata, India, I fell in love with food as it was at the center of my family’s world. Watching my grandma work her magic in the kitchen, whipping up amazing dishes from memory, I couldn’t help but dream of doing the same one day.

Fast forward to college, that’s when I really took the plunge into the culinary arts, learning from the best – my grandma! One standout moment was cooking a whole dinner for my friends on my birthday, topped off with a homemade cake. With her constant encouragement and guidance, I jumped headfirst into this wonderful world of flavors that I now happily share with you.

The Joyful Journey into Indian Cooking

When I first came to the US for grad school, I was a total newbie in the kitchen. But hey, that’s where every great adventure begins, right? Along the way, I learned to trust my senses, letting the smells and colors of my dishes guide me.

Step by step, with cookbooks as my best buds, I started to peel back the layers of Indian cuisine, discovering that it’s actually a fun, creative art, rather than a strict science. And as I got more comfy with my cooking, I added my own special flair to each dish.

Before long, I found myself teaching Indian cooking classes at the local community center, showing folks how easy and enjoyable it can be. I’d teach them to whip up masala dishes with confidence, without getting hung up on exact measurements.

And let me tell ya, it’s not about following some rule book – it’s about having a blast in the kitchen! I remember the time I swapped out tomatoes for pasta sauce in a chicken curry. You better believe it turned out awesome, with ginger, garlic, and garam masala stealing the show!

So don’t be shy – Indian cooking isn’t scary, it’s an amazing journey just waiting for you to jump on board!

Last But Not the Least

At Eats with Mish, you’ll find nothing but love – love for food and love for sharing it! I’ve channeled my taste buds, soaked in flavors passed down from my mom and grandma, to bring you these lip-smacking recipes. Using easy-to-find ingredients, the goal is to knock down any barriers to getting into Indian cooking. And speaking of love, I couldn’t do it without my better half, who’s right there with me in every delicious adventure. So come on over, pull up a chair, and join us at our kitchen table – there’s always room for one more!



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